Appointment of a manager

Management of properties

Management of properties isn’t an easy job

Sometimes management breaks down.  Services aren’t provided. Breaches of obligations owed to leaseholders occur. There’s unreasonable service charges. Or maybe unreasonable administration charges. Has the RICS Code has been breached?

Or leaseholders perceive that some (or all) of this is happening.

What’s a management order?

Where there’s some fault on the part of the current management and it’s just and convenient, a Tribunal can appoint a manager.

Or some other circumstances exist which make it just and convenient for a Tribunal to appoint a manager.

The manager will then take over the management of the building.  This takes it away from the landlord or management company.  So it’s a serious matter.

It’s important to get the experts on your side before you start the process.

Or if you receive a preliminary notice, you want the experts in your corner.

At PM Legal, we’re well versed in these matters.

We have a proven track record.

And Cassandra Zanelli has even spoken at the Leasehold Advisory Service’s annual conference on the must knows and the no no’s of the appointment of a manager.  You’ll be in safe (and experienced) hands with PM Legal.

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