Coronavirus and the impact on residential possession proceedings: update

In our earlier blog we talked about the introduction of Practice Direction 51Z (PD51Z), and the impact on housing possession cases in the County Court.


Changes under PD 51Z

Some of the main changes brought about by PD 51Z are:

  1. all proceedings for housing possession brought under CPR 55 stayed for 90 days
  2. all proceedings to enforce an order for possession by warrant of writ stayed for 90 days.


Amendments to PD 51Z

With effect from 18th April, there’s been some amendments made to PD 51Z in relation to possession proceedings during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The amendments are intended to clarify that

  1. the stay which PD 51Z imposes on possession proceedings does not apply to a clam against trespassers to which Rule 55.6 applies;
  2. parties to possession proceedings can make applications for case management directions where they are agreed by the parties; and
  3. the stay which PD 51Z imposes does not preclude the issue of claims, but simply stays the claims



21 April 2020

Cassandra Zanelli

Widely recognised for her expertise in the industry, and listed among the 100 most influential people in residential leasehold management, Cass heads the team at PM Legal Services. Passionate about education and sharing knowledge, she's a regular speaker at conferences, events and seminars, having worked with leading organisations in the property management industry.

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