Council tenant ordered to pay £100,000 after sub-letting flat through Airbnb

Westminster City Council have taken action against one of its tenants after it was discovered that the tenant was letting his property on Vauxhall Bridge Road via Airbnb.

Over 300 reviews, dating back to 2013, were found.


Court proceedings

The tenant was taken to Court by Westminster City Council for breaching the terms of his tenancy agreement. The action resulted in the Council being awarded a Possession Order in relation to the property.


Unlawful Profits Order

In addition to the Possession Order, the Court made an Unlawful Profits Order (UPO) against the tenant in the sum of £100,974.94.

The Unlawful Profit Orders regime was introduced by the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act 2013. This came on the back of a consultation paper which estimated that there were at least 50,000 social housing homes in England which were being unlawfully occupied.

A UPO requires a tenant to pay their landlord an amount which represents the profit made by the tenant as a result of the sub-letting/parting with possession.



Cassandra Zanelli

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