Licensing breaches = hefty fines for landlords

Brent council ordered Hugo Pulqueiro, a north London landlord, to pay a rather hefty fine after he was found guilty of licensing breaches.

The landlord was given with a £66,000 fine and a £6,000 costs order.


What happened?

Mr Pulqueiro’s tenant complained about the appalling conditions that she was living in, following which he removed her belongings from the property and changed the locks.

Council enforcement officers got involved after receiving a video made by the homeless tenant showing the terrible conditions of the property.

Mr Pulqueiro had placed partition walls in two single bedrooms creating illegal micro rooms to enable him to rent the property to more tenants.

Furthermore, the tenant had never received a written agreement setting out her rights, nor had she ever met Mr Pulqueiro. He would send strangers round to collect rent in cash at irregular times during the week.


Decision of the Court

The landlord was found guilty of licensing breaches including neglecting to maintain the overcrowded property to a liveable standard, failing to protect deposits and for ignoring fire safety regulations.



This should be a lesson for all landlords; compromising on living conditions and health & safety for the sake of profits will not be tolerated by the Courts, and may well result in significant financial penalties.

This case highlights the risks for landlords who neglect their obligations.



30 September 2019

Asia Munir

Asia is an experienced litigation solicitor in the PM Legal team, with a passion for property management.

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