Record-breaking £400,000 fine for Landlord’s failure to comply with fire, health and safety standards

Lincoln Magistrates’ Court has handed down a staggering fine of £404,886.90 to Mr Bijan Keshmiri for a total of 28 offences in respect of two of his properties.

This is believed to be one of the biggest financial penalties ordered against an individual landlord in the UK.

Mr Keshmiri converted his properties into Houses in Multilple Occupation (HMOs) with twelve tenants living in his Rosemary Lane flats and six at the property on Spa Buildings.



The properties breached several fire and safety requirements including:

– Inappropriate locks on fire exits / fire doors being sealed shut

– Faulty smoke detectors and no fire blankets in the kitchen

– Poorly made repairs increasing the risks of fire spreading

– Risk of electrocution from a light

– Issues with window sill latches causing uncontrolled ventilation and risk of occupants falling from a window

– Exposure to the risk of Legionella bacteria due to the hot water supply tank not being sealed with a lid

– No emergency lighting in communal areas or the stairwell, thereby creating a serious risk of injury

The City of Lincoln Council wanted to send out a clear message that the safety of residents is taken very seriously, with no place to hide for rouge landlords failing to meet the necessary standards.



This landmark case should be a warning for landlords and a reminder that safety is paramount. Landlords have a duty to ensure that tenants are not placed in danger because of their failures to upkeep properties. The harsh penalty reflects the seriousness of the crime; the risk of a £400,000 fine should therefore act as a deterrent for others.



Asia Munir

Asia is an experienced litigation solicitor in the PM Legal team, with a passion for property management.

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