Leasehold disputes


From time to time, disputes arise.

And when leasehold disputes do, it’s important you have the right legal team on your side.

Led by award winning Cassandra Zanelli, our team includes some of the country’s most talented dispute practitioners in the property management field. So whether it’s a dispute about service charges, breaches of lease, contractual disputes or much more, we’ve got an expert who can provide the expertise you want and solutions you need.

We work in partnership with our clients to understand what matters to them.

And provide proactive commercial advice and solutions to help them achieve those aims.

Litigation can seem overwhelming.  Taking up precious time, effort and expense. It can seem daunting.  Lots of deadlines to meet, documents to produce, and Court appearances. Add in to the mix some legal jargon too, and it’s easy to understand why  it can feel so overwhelming.

We can’t promise to change the Court processes, but we can promise to make things a lot less overwhelming and less daunting.  You’ll be confident in the knowledge that you’ve got our experts in your corner.  We’ll be on hand to guide you through each stage of the case, taking it step by step.  We promise to cut out any legal jargon, and make our advice to you meaningful and useful.

Whether you’re bringing a claim, or defending one, you can rely on PM Legal to provide the expertise and solutions you need.