Service charge disputes

Major Works

Most well drafted leases contain an obligation for a leaseholder to pay service charges. From time to time, disputes arise in relation to those service charges.

Are they payable for that particular item of expenditure? Is it reasonable to incur those costs? Is the standard of service unreasonable and should the costs be limited accordingly? Are the costs of those major works recoverable?

These are just some examples of the types of dispute that the tribunal can be called upon to deal with.

So whether you’re a management company making proactive use of the tribunal by seeking a determination on the payability and reasonableness of a project of major works, or a landlord facing challenges from a collective of leaseholders on the reasonableness of service charges they’ve paid, we’re the legal partner for you.

Our experts will listen to your objectives, and will draw on their knowledge and experience of the tribunal to provide you with strategic advice and representation to achieve those objectives.