Episode 9: exploring the implications of Duval

Episode 9: exploring the implications of Duval

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Is a landlord is entitled to grant a licence to a lessee to carry out works which would otherwise be a breach of covenant?  And, if the landlord does, would it be in breach of its covenants owed to all other lessees?

These questions were considered by the Supreme Court in Duval v 11-13 Randolph Crescent Limited.

In this podcast, Cassandra Zanelli teams up with Bill Pryke of Earl Kendrick Building Surveyors, who specialises in licences for alterations, to discuss:

  • what happened in Duval?
  • the differences and practicalities of qualified covenants vs absolute covenants
  • the wider implications of the decision (it’s not *just* about alterations…..)
  • how landlords are likely to approach any requests from lessees to carry out works in light of Duval


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